Kitchen Apothecary

Vintage pharmacy sign

We are designing a new kitchen and looking at various options for our kitchen-style apothecary of herbs, spices and oils. I liked the simplicity and clean lines of both of these. I particularly like the “prescriptions & family medicine” poster in the kitchen! Yes, food is our best medicine.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Apothecary

  1. Sahra, I am blow away by your wonderful blog and website! When Miranda told me in Estes Park (this past March at Level I training) you were interested in herbs/plants etc. I had no idea! Your apothecary bathroom and apothecary kitchen ideas are fabulous–but then my professional life since 1996 has been all about studying, and guiding others, about using herbs and foods as medicine. 😉 So glad I was finally able to come up for air after getting my manuscript off so I can learn more about you.
    Keep up the great work, in every arena!
    Susan Mead

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