2 thoughts on “Thyme Square

  1. I popped over from Rachel’s @ Finding Joy. I love herbs. I rlelay like your simple idea 2 pots, 4 herbs. Herbs rlelay are that easy aren’t they!We have an herb garden with mint and lemon balm. We dry them and save them in the freezer for a wonderful lemon/mint tea during the cold Iowa winters. I think I’ll go find two pots .you’ve inspired me ~CinnamonCinnamon s last [type] ..

    • You could but you would be far better of going to a gadren nursery and buying seedlings. They will be in little containers and already growing. You may want to transplant them into something bigger. You will be surprised how quickly they grow. the reap the rewards of your harvest. Nothing quite like fresh herbs to liven up a dish.

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