Kitchen Apothecary

Vintage pharmacy sign

We are designing a new kitchen and looking at various options for our kitchen-style apothecary of herbs, spices and oils. I liked the simplicity and clean lines of both of these. I particularly like the “prescriptions & family medicine” poster in the kitchen! Yes, food is our best medicine.


My Apothecary Workshop in the Garden


Many of us have hobbies, and if we are lucky we have our own space dedicated to those hobbies! Some people have their garage filled with tools and cars, others have an artists studio. I have my apothecary in the garden! Originally this was a log building on a local farmers property, but 20 years ago my grandparents took it down and reconstructed it here. They then built a pioneer garden around it and eventually the herb garden and salad garden.  At one point, when many visitors used to stop in on weekends to see the garden, my grandmother added running water and electricity and turned it into a tearoom. As a child I served cherry pie, egg salad sandwiches and tea to guests!  This year I have begun to transform it into my personal apothecary and study room. There’s a beautiful breeze that passes through and with the herbs so near it’s a perfect place for me to test my concoctions!