Kitchen Apothecary

Vintage pharmacy sign

We are designing a new kitchen and looking at various options for our kitchen-style apothecary of herbs, spices and oils. I liked the simplicity and clean lines of both of these. I particularly like the “prescriptions & family medicine” poster in the kitchen! Yes, food is our best medicine.


History of the Apothecary


A medieval apothecary was a place where medicines were made from herbs and spices. One of the earliest records of the apothecary dates back to 2600 BC Babylon, and 1500 BC Egypt where the papyrus scroll found contained a collection of over 800 prescriptions and ancient herbal recipes. The word apotheca means “where wine, spices and herbs were stored”.  The apothecary originated as the art of using the gifts of nature in order to create substances to heal sickness and disease. The Romans too, brought a vast knowledge of herbs with them as they moved through Europe, and the Arabs were very progressive and played a tremendous role in adding Persian, Indian and Chinese plants and herbs to the existing knowledge base. Now, the equivalent apothecary would be a pharmacy, unless you create your own herb-based remedies at home like I do! Of course, I also appreciate modern medicine, but I believe in using quality food. Exercise and natural remedies are my first defense and a support for health and healing.